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  • Watch the movies and shows you want—whenever you want.

    DIRECTV makes it easier than ever to watch your entertainment. DIRECTV On Demand brings thousands of the top TV shows, as well as the newest big-screen blockbusters, available any time you want them. Plus, now if you tune in late, DIRECTV lets you restart shows from the beginning. And if you forgot to set your HD DVR, you can watch shows that aired in the past 72 hours. To start enjoying DIRECTV On Demand, you just need an Internet-connected receiver.
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  • Better ways to
    enjoy entire
    seasons of shows.

    NEW! Watch an episode of your favorite show and DIRECTV automatically puts the next episode immediately on deck. You’ll get all episodes in chronological order by season and episode number, regardless of the order you recorded them1.
"Marketing : Equipment : On Demand : Flex : 72 Hour Rewind Restart"
"Marketing : Equipment : On Demand : List : 72 Hour Rewind Restart"

Watch shows you forgot to DVR from the last 72 hours—restart a show that’s already in progress.

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    72 hour
    Missed a show?
    With DIRECTV, watch shows you forgot to DVR from the last 72 hours at no extra charge2. Just press the PLUS (+) icon near the channel number in the On-Screen guide to access the feature.
    Learn more
    Tuned in late?
    Now you can restart shows from the beginning with Restart, included at no extra charge2. Just look for the circular arrow next to the show title in the On-Screen Guide to access the feature.
    Learn more
"Marketing : Equipment : On Demand : List : Movie Releases and Library"
  • All of the hottest new movie releases.

    We bring the biggest hits to your TV in stunning Blu-ray quality, available nearly a month before they’re on Netflix®. With new movies added every week.
  • A huge movie library at your beck and call.

    Comedy, drama, romance, documentaries. Your favorite classics to the big box office hits from HBO®, Cinemax®, STARZ®, and SHOWTIME®. All at no extra charge.
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"Marketing : Equipment : On Demand : List : What Do I Need"

What do I need to get On Demand?

  • A compatible DIRECTV receiver
    You'll need a Genie HD DVR, DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR, or a TiVo HD DVR from DIRECTV.
  • connected wifi icon
    High-speed Internet
    Your home must have broadband Internet and a hardline or Wi-Fi connection depending on your receiver.
  • A passion for entertainment
    Get ready for more shows, movies, and features from DIRECTV.
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