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    Do more
    with your TV
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  • Enhance your TV experience
    with amazing advanced features.

    When it comes to delivering all the best in TV entertainment, no one beats DIRECTV. But we take your TV enjoyment even further with cool advanced features like interactive TV apps, multi-cell channels, and more. Get DIRECTV
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fantasy app

Your TV’s not just
for watching.

With a press of a button on your
remote, get up-to-the-minute sports
scores, track your fantasy
league, see what’s trending on TV, get
the weather, and more. Experience
DIRECTV TV Apps. You’ll love them.

Learn more about DIRECTV TV Apps
sports mix

Watch up to
8 channels
on one channel.

DIRECTV’s Mix Channels
bring you up to eight sports broadcasts
on one beautiful HD channel. You also
get dedicated Mix Channels for NFL
(with NFL SUNDAY TICKET) and golf
and tennis majors.

genie sports

Finding your sports
has never been easier.

Forget about searching for the big game.
With the Sports feature from Genie, our
most advanced HD DVR ever, you can
pick your favorite teams and sporting
events, and find them all in one
convenient location.

Learn more about Genie
hd guide

Less searching.
More watching.

Find what you want to watch more
quickly with DIRECTV's lightning-fast
HD On-Screen guide. Blaze through
shows in the channel guide with
super-fast scrolling. Instantly see all
your favorite shows currently showing.
Find all the movies in one place.
Available with all HD DVR and
HD receivers.

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