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    4K resolution.
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  • Watch your favorite entertainment come to life in 4K.

    4K goes by many names—4K, Ultra HD, Ultra High Def. No matter what you call the industry's best picture format, you’ll find it on DIRECTV. Get access to exciting live sports, Pay Per View live events and breathtaking documentaries, all in stunning 4K resolution. Click here to check out the list of current and upcoming live events and special broadcasts.
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4K Ultra HD
Get 4K service today! Call
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  • Only on DIRECTV! First full-time
    4K Ultra HD channel.

    DIRECTV is the first pay TV provider to bring you a dedicated 4K Ultra HD channel, available 24/7. Tune in to see travel shows, nature documentaries, and original series, in stunning 4K Ultra HD1.
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  • 4K on demand

    4K Ultra HD,
    On Demand.

    Explore our ever-growing 4K On Demand library of new Hollywood blockbusters, breathtaking documentaries, and classic favorites, and watch them come to life in 4K1.
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What do I need to enjoy 4K?

  • img 4k genie bucket

    Our latest Genie® HD DVR

    Your 4K experience starts with a Genie, our most advanced HD DVR3. Model HR54 is required to view 4K Ultra HD channels.
  • img 4k ready bucket

    A 4K Ultra HD TV

    You need a manufacturer-certified DIRECTV 4K Ready TV. If your 4K Ultra HD TV is not DIRECTV Ready, you’ll need to connect it to a 4K Genie Mini (Model C61K)3.
  • DTV 4K packages 3up

    Choose a DIRECTV package

    To enjoy all the DIRECTV 4K features, including the 4K channel, you need to subscribe to the SELECT™ TV package or higher.
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  • Get 4K Ultra HD service today! Call 1-866-257-7817
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