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    Got game?
    Yes, we do.
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  • DIRECTV is the undisputed leader in sports.

    No matter what teams you follow, no matter where you live, DIRECTV has you covered. Get everything from international soccer to college hoops to every out-of-market NFL game every Sunday—the list
    goes on. View All Packages
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  • Whatever your sport, DIRECTV has you covered.

    Click on a sport below to learn more.
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    Only on DIRECTV.

    Only DIRECTV brings you every minute of every game every Sunday. You won't get it from cable or DISH. Get even more when you upgrade to NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX, including every Sunday game live on your computer and mobile devices, Fantasy tracking, real-time highlights, RED ZONE CHANNEL®, and more. Football fan? You need DIRECTV.
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    Experience Major League Baseball® like never before with MLB EXTRA INNINGSsm. You'll get almost 100 out-of-market games a week^, most of them available in crystal-clear HD*.
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  • Events Packages

    Order events by text.

    Did you know ordering Pay Per View events is as easy as texting? Order from anywhere—just text “SPORTS” to 223-322 and follow the prompts.
  • Finding your sports is now easier than ever.

    No more searching through the guide to find the big game. With the Genie HD DVR, you can pick all the teams you want to follow and find all of their games in one convenient location.
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