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    hockey coverage
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  • NHL® Center Ice® on DIRECTV. Catch every slap-shot, check, and goal this season.

    NHL® Center Ice® gives you up to 40 out-of-market games a week. From the first face-off to the final stretch of the season, you’ll feel the excitement of the game as you watch all your favorite teams and players. Plus, you also get NHL Network™ during the season at no additional charge.
$49.98 in 1 payment
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  • Hear your announcers.

    No one wants to hear the enemy gloat in your team’s defeat—and now you don’t have to. With Dual Feeds, you’ll always feel back at home. Choose the home or away broadcast and enjoy your game how you want to hear it.
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  • Never lose sight
    of the puck.

    Crank up the energy with HD games on NHL® Center Ice®. See every blazing snap shot and bone-crunching check in amazing clarity.
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    Get NHL Network
    during the season at
    no extra charge!

    Get all the hockey you want—24/7. Live games. Daily highlight shows. Up-to-the-minute news. With the NHL Network—you can always follow your favorite players from the rink to the locker room.

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  • Sports Packages

    Want sports? Text us:

    Activate NHL Center Ice with a simple text message. Just text “NHL” to 223-322 and follow the prompts.
  • Want the ultimate sports experience?

    With Genie, our most advanced HD DVR ever, you can choose what teams you want to follow and find their game listings all in one place.
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