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$4.99 per month
"Premiums : HD Extra Pack : LP : Header Flex"
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"Premiums : HD Extra Pack : 9 Premium Networks"
  • 9 premium networks. All in HD. Only in HD.

    Enhance your HD experience with nine premium channels full of movies, music and more. Celebrated classics
    on Sony Movie Channel HD. Powerful musical performances on MTV Live. And more on Smithsonian HD,
    Universal HD, MGM HD, ShortsHD, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries HD, Crime & Investigation HD,
    and HDNet Movies. Plus you can stream it all on your computer, tablet, or phone!
    Chs. 565-573
"Premiums : HD Extra Pack : Live TV on any screen"
  • hd extra any screen

    Live TV on virtually any screen.

    Who says you need be in front of a TV to watch TV? You can stream all nine HD EXTRA PACK channels live on your computer, tablet, or phone. That means you can start a movie on the couch and finish it in bed, or anywhere else within your home Wi-Fi network.
"Premiums:HD Extra Pack:Top Questions"
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