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  1. { "url": "http://cdn.directv.com/cms3/commercial/all_headers/DIRECTV_for_business_home.jpg", "delayInterval": 0, "reportingModuleName": "Commercial : DIRECTV for Businesses : Slideshow : Header", "reportingElementId": "9800029", "reportingElementName": "Commercial : DIRECTV for Businesses : Slide : Header" } $('header_slide_overlay').wrap('a', { 'class': 'scroll_click', 'id': 'scroll_click', 'href': '#mod_142084_2' ,'tabindex':'-1'}); <!-- <a class="js_rollover" title="offer-deets">Offer Details</a> --> <div class="dtv-rollover-tup" style="display: none;" id="offer-deets"> <div class="dtv-rollover"> <span class="dtv-rollover-content"> $10 OFF/MO. FOR 12 MONTHS OFFER: New customers only. Requires Auto Bill Pay and activation <br>of BUSINESS SELECT PACK with a 24-month agreement. DIRECTV will credit the new customer’s account <br>$10/mo. for 12 months starting in the second month. In the 13th month, the $10/mo. credit <br>will cease and DIRECTV services will automatically continue at the then-prevailing rate. <br> BUSINESS SELECT&#0153; PACK BILL CREDIT OFFER: Purchase of 24 consecutive months of BUSINESS SELECT&#0153; PACK <br>(regularly $57.99/mo.) required. Includes local channels (if available in your market), BUSINESS SELECT&#0153; <br>($41.99/mo.) and COMPONENT FEE ($16/mo.). Upon DIRECTV System activation and beginning in the second month, <br>DIRECTV will credit the new customer’s account for 12 consecutive months in the amount of $15/mo. for BUSINESS <br>SELECT&#0153; PACK, plus $10/mo. for 12 consecutive months when customer activates and maintains BUSINESS SELECT&#0153; PACK <br>with enrollment in Auto Bill Pay with credit card at the point of sale. <br> SHOWTIME OFFER PRIVATE VIEWING ONLY: After 3 months, then-prevailing rate for SHOWTIME <br>(currently $18.99 /mo.) applies unless canceled or changed by customer prior to end of the promotional period. <br> SONICTAP MUSIC CHANNELS OFFER: After 3 months, then-prevailing rate for SonicTap Music Channels <br>(currently $37.99/mo.) applies unless canceled or changed by customer prior to end of the promotional period. </span> </div> </div>
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  • There’s only one choice in entertainment for your business.

    Directv commercial
    DIRECTV is available nationwide, so you never have to settle for cable. And with 99% worry-free signal reliability (based on a Nationwide Study of representative cities), you can always give your customers what they love.
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  • Get a quote today! Call 1-888-303-9117 or answer a few questions below. We’ll do the rest.
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Yes, send me special offers by email.

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  • leader sports local channels
"Commercial : DIRECTV for Businesses : List : Leader in sports and local channels "
  • More sports.
    More customers.

    Attract more sports fans with DIRECTV. Serve up every game, every Sunday* with our exclusive NFL SUNDAY TICKET, plus NBA LEAGUE PASS, MLB EXTRA INNINGS, ESPN COLLEGE EXTRA, and other sports packages.
  • Bring in locals
    with local channels.

    DIRECTV makes it easy for you and your customers to keep in touch with the community. With our local channel offerings, you can always catch the local sports and news programming.
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  • Order now 1-888-303-9117

"Commercial : DIRECTV for Businesses : List : Get all this too"

The ultimate experience doesn’t end there.

  • control tv tap

    Control every TV with
    a tap.

    Now you can see what’s playing, surf channels, and view content on any TV with your iPad or Android tablet.
  • sports bar app

    Help sports fans find you.

    Draw customers to your business with the DIRECTV Sports Bar Finder app for iPhone® and Android.
  • sonictap

    We do music, too.

    SonicTap® Music Channels let you play the commercial-free music your customers love without any additional licensing fees.
"Commercial : DIRECTV for Businesses : List : Download Forms"
  • commercial directv noteDownload DIRECTV for BUSINESS forms.

    From ordering kits and channel lineups, to change of ownership and W-9s.
    Find all DIRECTV for BUSINESS forms here

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